Five Unforgettable Knights - kindle ebook by Tanya Anne Crosby, Claire Delacroix, Colleen Gleason, Glynnis Campbell, Laurin Wittig

Last spend an unforgettable night with a knight! This special boxed set is almost ready to ride off into the pages of history, so here's your final opportunity to select your own valiant champion in shining armor and ride along on not one, but FIVE chivalrous adventures!

Five bestselling medieval romance authors have banded together to bring you a boxed set of five full-length novels featuring some of the best, brightest, and brawniest men of the Middle Ages!

The regular price of this set is $4.99, but if you order during this special sale week (January 6-12), it can be yours for just 99 cents! And as a thank you to our beloved readers, we've included a link and a promo code for a FREE 12-song download of A Little Knight Music, a soundtrack of medieval music!

So your only decision now is which champion you'll choose…

Will it be Highlander Iain who abducts his enemy's tempestuous daughter?

Or scarred hero Rhys who's forced to woo his runaway bride?

Do you prefer Dirick who discovers healing in the target of his revenge?

What about fierce Holden who's tamed by a warrior wench?

Or Symon who falls in love with the one woman who soothes his savage pain?

Fall in love with all Five Unforgettable Knights!