Why Keeping Resolutions Are So Ridiculously Difficult!- kindle e-book by Peter Andrew Sacco Ph.D.

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Released December 21, 2013

The small book that thousands have already read and is being featured on major radio shows in the USA and Canada!

This book explains why the greatest of intentions--keeping new year's resolutions fail more than they succeed. It explains how not only is procrastination a habit, but how too many people can become habituated even addicted to procrastinating. Furthermore, ever wonder why you procrastinate over and over, and it is so hard to stop it? This book explains the origin of where procrastination started in people's lives and why it stays.

Did you know that a traumatic event, or perceived traumatic event can lead you to become not only one who procrastinates often, but can lead you to become addicted to it? Yes, there are certain personality styles as well as belief systems than render people "helpless" in their ability to rationalize and put their lives in productive order. Consequently, events from the past can create ongoing patterns of negativity that can evolve into or result in bad habits and addictions.

In order to keep resolutions you have to first understand, "why you can't keep them"! Procrastination is the most habitual and addictive behavior that so many people embrace with open arms. In this day and age, also known as the "entitlement" generation, procrastination is out of control as are the bad habits and addictions which are the by-products of this behavior!  Want to stop procrastinating for good? Well, first off read this FREE book now instead of...PROCRASTINATING! It will change your life and get you to where you want to be!