Grizwall - kindle ebook by Randy Dingwall

   Is this book worth reading? You’re not the only one asking that question. So am I to tell you the truth..... My stories have amused and entertained my friends over the years so I believe these stories can be entertaining ...but the question is.... Can someone who considered English his worst subject in school write a book that people could understand let alone find amusing or entertaining?....I am hoping that it is possible, I made a effort believe it or not lol.

  There is nothing deep or earth shattering in these stories they are written because I loved Grizwall, he was a dog everyone remembered and respected, that may sound like a funny thing to say but Hey, he was the Griz. These events took place in British Columbia Canada from Vancouver Island to the far North Region/Terrace/Nass and beyond. These stories are true except that Grizwall didn’t talk……much :)

  If you enjoy the outdoors and animals you should enjoy these glimpses into a lifestyle not all get to experience. My hope is that my stories are entertaining and worth the read.

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