Leaving The Trees - kindle ebook by Richard Earl Broome


Leaving The Trees is a fictional account of the meltdown of the global financial markets, our world economies, and ultimately society, as we know it. It has at its root cause a malevolent cyber attack by China that finally causes everything to spin out of control.

It is initially set in Washington D.C. with political leaders who do not deal honestly with this calamity. As things begin to unravel, and society loses the ability to cope with the loss of our financial systems, the novel transitions to the aftermath of this global meltdown, and how a small community in Montana must pick up the pieces and learn how to survive.

A suspense novel about trust, deception, betrayal and revenge filled with many twists, and turns. Great reviews!

About the Author
Richard Earl Broome has lived an extraordinary life rising from an Army private to serving on the White House staff for two Presidents of the United States as a member of their National Security Council staff, to having a successful business career. Now living in a small community in Montana, he has brought all of these experiences together in this intense suspense novel about trust, deception, betrayal and revenge.

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