Einstein's War - kindle ebook by Michelle Grand

Einstein's War takes place on the precipice of World War Four. 
This story explores a murder mystery, while unveiling a far more vast conspiracy, through the perspectives of a government agent, a family member in protective custody, a wanted criminal on the run, a virtual prostitute, and a vice president of a corrupt company. 
Donovan Wiley is a murder suspect for killing a woman while operating as a hologram. The footage goes viral, terrifying the general public that someone could cause physical harm while using the hologram technology they all depend on to live their lives.

This society operates under three different caste systems: elites, technicians, and manuals. The wanted murderer, Donovan, discovers a secret about the manuals that the executives of his company, Katharos, have been keeping from all the other elites. How far up the secrets go, where the vastness of the destruction leads, and who holds the answers that the world has been waiting for, are all truths for Donovan to discover, along with his sister, the government agent hunting him for arrest, the virtual prostitute he befriends, and the executive who has looked the other way for far too long.

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