Parallel Attraction - kindle ebook by Deidre Knight

What would you give to travel back in time and undo a mistake?

My book PARALLEL ATTRACTION follows Jared Bennett, an exiled alien king, as he hides out in the mountains of Wyoming. He’s fighting a deadly and destructive war against a dangerous enemy—but he has one important advantage: the ability to alter time.

This is what I feel drives the entire series. Our so-called mistakes, or choices we would rethink—it all plays out here. Jared’s cousin Thea is supposed to be his betrothed, but Jared quickly falls in love with the human geologist Kelsey Wells, leaving Thea heartbroken and vengeful. Their royal protector Marco’s own feelings for the new queen, Kelsey, cause a breach in his trustworthiness as well. It is here the fabric of time begins wrinkling, and when those who are supposed to be loyal to Jared use the time weapon in the future, their world comes barreling into the present.

Thea’s revenge, Marco’s regret, and Jared’s war all join together into the ultimate question of our actions. We ponder what drives our choices, how we deal with the repercussions, and what would happen were we given the power to change everything.

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