The Pearl A spiritual story By JF Anstead

Two young girls experience the synchronicity of having the same dream. They are helped by an angel in the guise of a pilot. But what dread portent lies in the pearl.

Even for a religious person such as myself (or perhaps, especially for a religious person such as myself), it can be hard to get a handle on God, who is by definition unknowable. While I typically turn to the Bible for insight, it can be nice to read another perspective or try a different metaphor to supplement my scriptural reading.
The Pearl, by JF Anstead, is basically an extended metaphor. In this short story, two sisters share a dream at night involving a mysterious pearl, a man who wishes to steal it, and an adventure that must be undertaken to get it back. Other characters that populate the book are presented as those who wish to help the girls regain the pearl that has been lost. Through the story, the symbolism of the pearl is revealed, and the girls, still sleeping, learn important lessons about life’s path and choices.
The writing in this book is straightforward and the characters are not highly developed, but this may have been intentional to keep the focus on the book’s message. My favorite parts of the book were the descriptions of the “river of light” that flows in and around the story. It was easy for me to visualize this river flowing with tiny illuminated boats, each holding a gleaming pearl. I felt that the ending of the story was a bit rushed, and could have been better used in service of the overall metaphor. It was not entirely clear to be what religious tradition the author was drawing from, but perhaps that was intentional as well.
The Pearl is a quick read with a lot to consider, and would be a good book for a small group discussion around issues of faith, sin, and salvation. It definitely left a lasting impression on me.

Lisa Runge (The Kindle Book Review)
The reviewer received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest, independent review. She is not affiliated with the author or Amazon.

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