Survivors of the Dead: From the Ashes, an ebook by Tony Baker

Survivors of the Dead:From the Ashes is a brand new series featuring a unique and exciting twist to a zombie apocalypse.

Follow Harold Lancaster, a retired San Francisco police officer, as he witnesses the devastation of humanity after a worldwide viral terrorist attack that will change the course of history forever!

Harry learns that he and his family, as well as a portion of what remains of the population, is immune to the mutated virus that has been unleashed. During forced relocation, his young nephew is separated from his parents and left in a world now ruled by anarchy and filled with horrors beyond comprehension. Harry's unshakable resolve, his only reason to exist, is to reach his nephew and reunite with the rest of his family. Along with a small band of friends who refuse to leave his side, and after assisting in establishing a safe haven on Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay, Harry embarks on an arduous twenty-three hundred mile trek across a ravaged country.

Although Harry faces the infected and unspeakable horrors, he also discovers incredible acts of courage and resolve by those who remain among the Survivors of the Dead!

FROM THE ASHES begins Harry's journey with at least two more books in the series forthcoming. Book Two, THE ROAD UNKNOWN, coming fall of 2014!

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