The Lost Prince - kindle ebook by C. T. Hill

Join Kareth and Selene as their tale of legend and mysticism unfolds from the southern deserts of Panthos to the northern mountains of the Vint.

Panthos fell amidst the chaos of deceit and betrayal. The war lasted less than a week, the genocide that followed stretched across three decades.

The world changed the night King Maras, the ruler of the Vint, took the hand of Queen Somara, the ruler of Panthos. They were married. They were bedded. And, while the city of Lilanth slept off the celebration, the Vintish King opened the city’s gates and brought forth his knights, stealing the life from thousands of Panthosi as they slumbered.

The Queen escaped. Kareth was born.

The Prince of Panthos went by many names. He was the Moon Prince, the Whispering Prince, the Dreamslayer. He was the Night Terror, the Prince of Blades, the Shadowdancer. By his birth he was Kareth Maneiron, son, and mortal enemy, of King Maras Maneiron, Ruler of the Vint.

The Lost Prince is reminiscent of Game of Thrones, Name of the Wind, and Assassins Creed, if you could lump them all together and come out with something that fits the mold of a high fantasy novel, but reads much differently. Get lost in Kareth's story, and revel in the epic lore and history of the Fae people, the Children of the Shadows, and the demonic Vorai as you dig deeper into The Lost Prince.

The Kindle version of The Lost Prince will be on sale for $2.99 during the week of Christmas, so act now before it returns to the original price!

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