The Journey of the Marked - Kindle eBook by Rebecca P. McCray

Imagine a world where multiple species co-exist peacefully.  Each has its place and contributes to society.  Peace and prosperity reign until a treacherous species infiltrates the world, instigating unrest and assuming control.  The salvation of all rests in the survival of the next Miyran Heir.
As The Journey of the Marked begins, you’ll find yourself thrown into the middle of an epic struggle.  Focusing on the journey of marked youths, the story slowly unfolds, pulling you into their harrowing journey and sharing their triumphs and fears.  They have become the hunted.  Will they evade their enemies?  Or will they join the ranks of the missing?
This fantasy novel is book one of The Miyran Heir series.  The author creates a world not dissimilar to our own, but with a fascinating mix of new species.  As she prefers books that not only entertain, but encourage thought, she weaves in such topics as grief and persecution.  Moments of humor pepper this tale of strife.  You’ll fall in love with some characters and despise others, but you may be surprised as your impressions change.  Join the author as she spins a complicated tale where slowly piece by piece starts falling in place.
While the future may seem dark…. there is always a glimmer of hope.
Age: 12+

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