Yellow - kindle ebook by Matthew Riehl

Jax Wright is a conservative and seemingly ordinary man leading a mundane life as lead technical editor at a military proving ground. Because of his position and connections, he becomes privy to some highly confidential government projects, such as Goliath, a cutting edge weapon system being developed and tested at the facility. 

When the top-secret project is supposedly leaked, one of the world’s most notorious terrorist groups, Hamas, tries to infiltrate the system and seize the project as their own. Being the most lethal weapon ever created, Goliath is capable of triggering another Holocaust and putting America in grave danger.

The unwitting Jax stumbles headlong into the treachery when he hears a conversation between one of his underlings and a member of Hamas regarding Goliath, during which he learns his name is being used by the terrorist group. 

With his name dragged into such treasonous acts, rather than follow protocol and report the incident to his security officer, Jax decides to play sleuth to try and expose a traitor. This act sets in motion a series of cataclysmic events, including his arrest for treason and murder, and leaves the fate of two countries hanging in the balance.

Out on bail and with limited resources, Jax assembles a team of over-the-hill ex law enforcement agents--one his father, another his father's best friend (both former FBI), and his cousin (ex Green Beret)--to help him try and prove his innocence and prevent a terror  attack that could ultimately lead to Armageddon.