A Bride for Connor: The Berwyn Island Trilogy (Book One)- Parody Romance by Olivia Teese

A mad, entertaining mash of colourful, unforgettable characters, eye-rolling cliches and page-turning drama.”
Connor Handsumm’s good looks were so devastating, the first time Kristin Luvleigh set eyes on him, they brought her to her knees (literally). The broke, sickeningly beautiful, ditzy waitress needed a husband to avoid deportation and the billionaire had to acquire a wife in order to be at the helm of the family empire; so a marriage of convenience was arranged (roll eyes). The fake union was to last for seven days but things quickly took a crazy turn; a scandalous secret of Kristin’s comes to light and Connor falls for his wife who believes love is irrational and nothing more than a fairy tale. Jane Syco, the billionaire’s schizophrenic secretary is obsessed with him, a greedy conniving aunt wants a chunk of the family fortune and a vindictive mother-in-law is out for vengeance (what else could go wrong?).

This series raises a parodic glass to the epic genre of romance!
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