On Edge - Kindle book by Stephanie Gillett

Arianna’s victory in a pre-season figure skating competition is overshadowed by the discovery that her father has been funding ice time and coaches’ fees with a loan shark’s dollars. Now her father is out of money, and the loan shark is out of patience. Before the figure skating community can find out more about this lovely skater and where she came from, they are hearing the terrible news that she and her father were killed in a tragic explosion.

But Arianna is not dead, a fact known only to her and her father’s killer, who is turning Chicago upside down in pursuit of her. Changing her name and altering her appearance, she flees to a new city and an opportunity to stay close to the sport she loves without revealing her true identity. When she meets Peter, a fellow skating champion, there's no denying the instant attraction. And while Arianna is sure he has the ability to recognize her, in the heat of an embrace he only seems to see her as Annie, a girl with a passion for skating and secrets she won't reveal.

It’s hard not to get “too close” as Arianna helps Peter position himself for figure skating greatness.  Falling in love just isn’t an option when a murderer could be lurking in the shadows.  Or at least that’s what she keeps telling herself…