Andy's Story - Too much for a lifetime - Kindle eBook by R. A. Lang


Andy’s Story – Too much for a lifetime takes you on a worldwide adventure filled with unexpected events, impossible and sometimes life threatening situations including romance, tragedy, shot at, ambushed, stabbed, voodoo, cholera, Venezuelan riots, oil site evacuations, murder attempt escape from a crazed Kazakh psychopath and KGB and a lot more - enjoy!

Factual accounts beginning in South Africa and carrying on to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Libya, France, Tunisia, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, the Caribbean and Iraq and to name but a few.

About the Author

Originally from Swansea, Wales, UK, he is a dynamic and innovative chartered quality professional in the construction, oil and gas industries with over 30 years of expertise, including 25 years overseas successfully managing complex projects on an international basis. He has in-depth knowledge of pre-commissioning, LNG Plants, upstream oil and gas facilities, storage tanks, cross country, desert and subsea pipelines and explains the difficulties he's experienced in over 23 countries around the World.

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