The Pedestal - kindle ebook by Daniel Wimberley 

Dear Universe,

Crap happens. I get that. Even in this global super community, where no superficial whim must go unrealized, things are going to occasionally blow a circuit. I get it, really. The question I’d like an answer to, oh wise and infinite one, is why must crap keep happening specifically to me? I mean, is it something I said? Please advise.

Regarding your overall handiwork: nice job on the planets and stars and whatnot. Having said that, I wonder if I might persuade you to kindly sweep up your space debris? Should I end up a grudging refugee headed to Mars, it would be great to not be vaporized en route by a chunk of your cosmic dandruff. Just saying.

Sincerely yours with hugs and kisses,

Wilson Abby

P.S. Since I’m already throwing a wish list out there, I might as well ask for a little help in the, uh—girlfriend department. Preferably one not of the digital or crazy varieties, if possible? I’ve tried both of those, and you can keep them. Thanks!

Wilson Abby’s life as a carefree programmer has reached a crossroads. Since birth, Wilson has known unconditional comfort and security in a global super-community. Thanks to the planet’s NEXUS framework, instant gratification is a mere transaction away. But when his closest friend mysteriously turns up dead, Wilson suspects that not all is as it seems.

Peeling back a veneer of half-truths, Wilson makes a startling discovery—one that people will kill to bury, starting with Wilson’s coworkers and loved ones.

As deadly forces close in, Wilson has no choice but to abandon his home for the seclusion of an off-planet research base. There, far from the probing gaze of the NEXUS, a beautiful scientist is busy playing God—with monstrous consequences.

The Pedestal is a thrilling glimpse into a society madly infatuated with integration and endless consumer upgrades. Wilson must battle gangsters, conspiring politicians and hordes of flesh-eating creations before civilization is toppled from its pedestal.