Assassin's Breach - Kindle ebook by O. Nicholas Cicero

The following factual events inspired me to create a fictional series that incorporates this bizarre mystery.  In December of 2010, a lottery ticket purchased in Iowa matched all of the numbers drawn.  The jackpot prize was $16.5 million dollars.  The deadline to claim the prize was one year.  Eleven months later, the prize was still outstanding.  Two days before it expired, a lawyer from New York appeared at Iowa lottery headquarters with the winning ticket in hand.  The signature on the ticket was for a Trust based in Belize.  Iowa law requires the identity of jackpot winners.  The attorney refused claiming his client could not comply.  When pressed further by Iowa authorities, the attorney dropped the claim for the jackpot prize and returned to NYC.  As a result, Iowa authorities launched an investigation into the matter which is currently ongoing with no results.