Beneath the Mask of Sanity - kindle ebook-by Mark Phillips

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Bentley Grimes is a killer.  He picks a family and stalks them.  He learns their ways and their habits.  He becomes friends with them and shares in their ups and downs.  Then he kills them one by one.  The Braddock family is next on his list.

George Braddock picks up a teenager by the side of the road.  He doesn't realize that he's sealed his own fate.  Bentley murders George and then befriends Braddock's oldest daughter in order to experience her misery.  She's the missing piece; what he's been looking for.  She's the person that can explain to him why he's so different from everyone else.

Frank Miles has seen worse murders before, but the Braddock case sticks with him.  There's something not right about the level of violence.  His investigation could devolve into obsession (it's happened before) or it could lead to a kind of salvation he never dreamed of.