The Immigration Lawyer Asylum - kindle ebook by Shah Peerally

Inspired by true stories, "The Immigration Lawyer - Asylum" is basically a work of fiction that narrates the story of Ahmad who flees Iraq from the clutches of Iraqi Government and seeks refuge in the US, but ends up finding himself stuck up in a similar situation with the US government. It is a story based during the reign of Saddam Hussein, where Ahmed is wrongly suspected by the Iraqi Government of being a CIA agent and is tortured relentlessly.  The story is centered around Sarah, the immigration lawyer, who has to face the tribulations of dealing with a broken immigration system but also with racism.  The book while entertaining offers a good perspective of how the system works.  For those who want to learn about the immigration court process, defensive asylum, u visas, and family petitions, this book offers a different perspective on the matter.  The best part of this book is that the same US immigration system which is tormenting Ahmad is in conflict with the American system of justice.  A very compelling and insightful story combining immigration law, romance, action and suspense.  A really good book to read.