Besieged - Kindle ebook by L.P Lovell

Do you read romance books and just wish that the female character would man up? Do you think that as lovely as the male character sounds, men like that don't exist?
Besieged is a book that turns the tables on the traditional male/ female roles yet embraces the roles at the same time. Theodore Ellis and his best friend Hugo Harrison are all out, no holds barred lads. Forget the ideal of a gentleman who will sweep you off your feet, you're lucky if Theodore Ellis even buys you a drink before trying to get you on your back. Theo is endearing in his own way as he makes no attempt to hide who or what he is; young, rich, hot and having a bloody good time.

Lilly is that sassy female character we all want to be. Yes, she has a bad past, but rather than dwell on this, Besieged looks to show how your past doesn't define you. You can pick yourself up and make something of yourself, or you can wallow in it and let your past effect your future. Lilly is a fighter, there are times in the book when it's hard. There are alot of times when it's easier for her to just throw up walls, but she keeps going and despite her past she's willing to take a gamble on the last person her rational mind says she should.