The Silvanus Supremacy – kindle ebook by Jake Rider

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“Brilliant beginning of a modern tale of corruption and young bravery. This story weaves throughout, superbly described locations, from corporate settings to the depths of a jungle. Strong themes, powerful description, and appropriate characters all help this first book be well worth a read.”
“Vivid imagery and locations abound and they are brought to life with such ease you feel you are right there in the story.”
“The main character, Ryan, is someone you can relate to. There's non stop action from beginning to end.”
“Once Ryan and co reach the rain forest, the book explodes into a riot of colour, smell, sound and flavour.”
“Great for younger readers and adults alike.”
Ryan Knight is no ordinary boy. Physically self-sufficient, skilled in Krav Maga and Parkour - a teenage human weapon with anger management issues.
Evil doesn’t need horns and a forked tail. It can wear a bespoke tailored suit, an expensive haircut and a smile. In a recent Business World magazine survey, the Silvanus Corporation ranked in the top five most important global companies. Ryan believes they silenced his Mum after she uncovered evidence to expose their deadly Project Supremacy. Now he has that evidence. They won’t stop until they eliminate him too. Deep in the Borneo rainforest, he has to escape from an assassin; facing the perils of wild animals, unforgiving terrain, and violent loggers.
From the boardroom to the Borneo rainforest, Ryan wants to survive long enough to get justice.
The Silvanus Supremacy is the first in the Reluctant HERO series.