Blackness Takes Over - Kindle eBook by Norma Jeanne Karlsson

After enduring vicious trauma, Shannon Kelly builds a new life; unfolding a tale filled with family, love, danger, laughter, sex, scars, healing, and trust.

Blackness Takes Over falls outside the norm of romance novels and carves a path for a new motif within the genre…a leading lady that truly leads. This is the story of a woman, not a damsel in distress or a na├»ve young woman brought into her own by an alpha male. Shannon is the fighter in her life, the guide to her own strength, and the center of her personal battles.

Having to create a family from scratch, Shannon falls into the fold of a group of young men. These men become her protector, her entertainer, and her comforter. With them by her side, Shannon battles her demons and rises above the trauma she's encountered. This trauma has left its scars though, literally and figuratively, forcing Shannon to keep love at bay in the interest of self-preservation. Thirteen years later, love works its way into Shannon's life.

Dylan Kellerman carries guilt. He ran from it years ago, but now he has the chance to face it. He never knew facing it would mean he would meet her. Shannon Kelly is every man's dream, and she's completely unaware of this fact. Dylan came home to battle his guilt and make things right. Could it be that he's found the love he didn't think existed too?
While allowing an escape for readers into a fictional tale, Blackness Takes Over feels equally real and inspiring as the characters bring the story to life. This is the kind of book that can make readers laugh, cry, scream, and cheer right along with the story. The fight that Shannon exudes and the love and support she receives make for a cathartic read that leaves you wanting more.