Tyrant Trouble - kindle ebook by Phoebe Matthews

"...Mudflat series is a supernatural comic romp full of non-stop action, fantastic characters and a hero you’ll love..." 4.5 rating, RT Book Reviews
and now Tyrant Trouble, the Eppie winning first book of the Mudflat Magic series, is FREE on Kindle.

When a conman tries to set up Claire as the patsy in a crime, she escapes Seattle and lands in another world where a blond barbarian captures her. Not much improvement there. The gambler carries a gun. The barbarian swings a broadsword. Okay, one small difference. The barbarian is really cute.

Phoebe Matthews is currently writing three urban fantasy series. Her novels have been published by Avon, Dark Quest, Dell, Holt, LostLoves, Putnam, Silhouette, and others.

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