The Shell of a Person - Kindle ebook by Lance Pototschnik

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"Never have disgusting, miserable living conditions been so funny. When someone finally finds a way to send back a report from hell, I hope it will be Lance Pototschnik. Except this guy is going to heaven, for the way he writes." --The Kindle Book Review

Marooned on a remote sea turtle conservancy in Costa Rica with a handful of fellow unanchored souls, Lance Pototschnik, in his hilarious debut memoir, ponders who he essentially is, and what he is likely to become. In Pototschnik, the unsettled millennial generation finally finds a wry, sarcastic voice with enough tact to be casual and honest while telling about the fear that goes along with coming-of-age in today's world. Through his own outrageous tale, Pototschnik offers the questions of the brooding, the concerns of the anxious and the hopes of the hopeless in a witty voice that will not shame them.

You are bound to learn some new things from this book, such as: how to properly ignite a wad of used toilet paper, how to learn from your hallucinations, how to roll your body to prevent a crocodile from ripping your limbs off, and how to empathize with a sexually frustrated pet turtle.

As you read, it might astonish you to eventually realize that this is not merely a book to make you laugh. Beneath its shell, this rollicking, episodic story is also a manual about finding your purpose, realizing your full potential and learning to love yourself. The Shell of a Person is one of the best books by an emerging this year.

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