Cookbook: 101 Gluten Free Vegan Italian Recipes kindle ebook by Daniel Nadav

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The healthiest combination of Italian gluten free vegan diet book!

Vegans can enjoy Italian food as much as anybody else can.
After the amazing success of "101 Vegan Burgers" and "101 Vegan Christmas Recipes", Daniel Nadav's third best seller cookbook offers a rare and unique combination of healthy Italian recipes which is based on the healthiest vegan diet in the world, combined with a gluten free vegan solution! Perfect for wheat belly diet. Yes, yes, you read right!

Imagine a typical meal which all family members can enjoy Pizzas, pastas, lasagnas, Italian bread and delicious Italian desserts. You can be calm because you know that your family had enjoyed a wonderful meal full of nutritional value. Your kids can eat pizza or pasta and still maintain a balanced diet! You can be at ease because the whole family will feel much lighter and more energetic at the end of the meal, all because they were fed a harmonious diet, 100% vegan and 100% free gluten!

In "101 Gluten Free vegan Italian Food" you will find:

Chapter 1: Gluten free vegan pizzas
This chapter compiles some of the most delicious gluten free and vegan pizzas out there. They are all fail-proof, easy to make and simply delicious and fragrant.
Chapter 2: Gluten free vegan pastas
The recipes in this chapter are delicious and fairly easy to make, with ingredients that add not just flavor, but also nutrients, fibers and antioxidants, as well as proteins
Chapter 3: : Gluten free vegan lasagnas
In this section you will find great recipes to try, healthy and delicious, using only flavorful ingredients, specially chosen to fit your vegan lifestyle.
Chapter 4: : Gluten free vegan Italian bread
This chapter gathers some of the most delicious homemade bread recipes that are not only gluten free, but also vegan and have Italian flavors and roots.
Chapter 5: Gluten free vegan desserts
25 gluten free and vegan Italian desserts waiting for you to try them. They are easy to make, but delicious, refreshing and light, great to end any kind of meal on a high note.
So, if you want to taste the abundance of flavors Italian cuisine offers while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, this is the book for you!! Now, all you have to do is pour yourself a glass of fine red wine and enjoy the experience of healthy Italian dining

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