Sins of the Daughter - kindle ebook by Paula Parker

Free on from 2/22/2013 to 2/24/2013

Sins of the Daughter was inspired by the true report of hauntings at the Westover plantation in Charles City Count, Virginia.  The story reported is that Evelyn Byrd, the daughter of William Byrd II, has been seen at the plantation since the date of her death in 1737.  Reports state that not only has Evelyn been seen at the plantation, but visitors have heard her wailing through the halls seeking someone to help her.  As a twist on the haunting reports, Sins of the Daughter is the fictitious story of Evelyn’s past in the druid community and her inability to reincarnate.  Riley Harrison comes to the plantation with the goal of solving the puzzle as to who Evelyn is and why she is still a spirit roaming the plantation grounds and home.  Riley’s endeavors put her face to face with Ian Morduant who’s smile promises things Riley has long lost hope of finding.  Their lives intertwine as their searches become one as they strive to unravel the secrets of their families.