Dawning by Olivia Stocum

Damsel in distress seeks Highlander for rescue. Wussies need not reply.

In honor of the release of her little sister, "Moonstone", "Dawning" will be only .99 from now until February 22nd!


Love endures all things. Even an unexpected handfast.
Historic Scotland, 1599. When Ronan leaves the clan to seek his fortune, Triona MacAlastair knows she will do anything to keep him, including something she never thought she would. She talks him into a private handfast. But when Ronan leaves the morning after, she feels she's lost him forever.
Her handsome friend, William, returns home after spending two years as a mercenary, suffering from a sword wound. Triona is determined to never love again, but William's steadfast commitment slowly draws her heart out of its protective shell. Just as she feels ready to love again, a turn of events forces Triona to rely on a mysterious cloaked rogue, known only as Blackhawk, for her protection. She can't understand why, but something deep inside her calls out for Blackhawk. Who is the man behind the hooded cloak? Why does he refuse to show her his face? Why is William now distancing himself from her?
And how did Triona find herself caught between two men, when she swore to herself that she would never love again?