MURDER IS A FAMILY AFFAIR - kindle ebook by Donalie Beltran


“Gripping...A real page-turner from beginning to end.”

“A true story, that holds your attention to the last page.”

“Can't put it down!”   "A true story, that holds your attention to the last page!"

Thirty-two 5-STAR reviews can be wrong! This is a must read!

Donalie Beltran lives in Wichita, KS, with her husband and two dogs. Her father, Raymond Tuxhorn, told of hearing rumors, when he was a boy, of a killer in the family. The adults would not answer any questions about such an embarrassing family secret, so he knew very little.

Donalie decided to research the family tree and certainly did find a killer. More than one. The Tuxhorn name made national headlines more than once, for their evil deeds. The research went on for almost ten years, when she finally decided it was a story that needed to be told. After two years, Murder Is A Family Affair is ready for you to see what evil can exist in a family's genes.

Though murders are spoken of, they are not graph. No vulgarity or graphic sex included, making this readable for most age groups.

Can evil be inherited? Follow one family who believes its possible.

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