Walk by Faith: Saint Maggie Series Book #2 – kindle ebook by Janet R Stafford

Maggie hoped things would settle down after all the hubbub of 1860 and 1861. But with the advent of the Civil War, her husband Eli soon rushes off to cover the war and the two youngest men in the boarding house family enlist in the army. Meanwhile, Maggie’s friendship with Nate and Emily Johnson and rumors about their involvement with the Underground Railroad erupt into a fiery act of arson which leaves Maggie and the family homeless.They are temporarily taken in by her brother – until his safety is threatened as well.

But then in an act of seeming providence, Eli's Quaker sister Becky invites them all to come to Gettysburg to help fugitive slaves and freemen continue their journey north. Even though Maggie is hesitant, the family makes the move and seeks to adjust to life in the bustling community. Their hopes for a peaceful life are dashed when the Confederate Army invades the town. As the battle rages, the family struggles not just to hold on but to reunite with its missing members. This stand-alone novel in the Saint Maggie series is a fast-paced story of hope, courage, and faith.