Miss Tammy's 50 Stories 4 Preschoolers, Kindle e-book by Miss Tammy

Parents, grandparents, teachers, daycare operators, childcare providers: Don't miss the opportunity to read these cute, funny, and smart stories to your little ones. Once they read about "Wrong Way Willie", "The Ugly Caterpillar", "The Troll Under My Bed", "The Egg With Legs", "Katie in Mommy's Clothes", they will want to enjoy these characters over and over again. These stories teach and entertain at the same time. Each story has cover art, and the price of all 50 stories is less than 1 book you might buy in a store. The author, a legally blind freelance writer and retired social worker, has had her children's stories published by MightyBook, Childrenzbooks, StoryStar, Giraffian, and more.

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