Origins - Ebook By Eric Drouant

Meet Cassie Reynold and Ronnie Gilmore, who would be two ordinary kids in the extraordinary city of New Orleans except for one thing: The US government has uncovered their psychic abilities, an invaluable tool in the cat and mouse Cold War of the early 70's. When a renegade agent decides to kidnap the pair he unleashes their deadliest instincts.

The result is a swath of conflict and destruction as Ronnie and Cassie fight for their lives and their freedom against huge odds. Origins is set against the background of old New Orleans and incorporates well known elements of the city's history. A mixture of romance and psychic thriller, the book explores the dual nature of two young people forced into defending their future. Rather than bow down and be used, captives of their own government, Cassie Reynold and Ronnie Gilmore decide to wage war in a live or die battle. The carnage crosses the city and sucks in both a police detective and a news reporter, both desperate to tie together the violent events occuring around them.


"Origins" is a top-notch thriller with all of the requisites for a fast-paced read: ruthless and determined government officials, likeable protagonists in danger, and a well-developed sense of tension throughout. -Erica Lucas

Origins is a great kickstart to a fantastic high concept thriller series. - Alex Prosper

Author's Note - In my first concept of "Origins" I envisioned a young boy, embodied with psychic ability, and his struggle against the huge ustoppable government. Cassie was introduced as more or less of a sidekick. After all, every young boy has a girl he secretly loves. But Cassie had ideas of her own and without my realizing it she simply stepped in and took over the book, becoming the central figure and the driving force behind events. It caught me by surprise and I believe readers will be caught by surprise also as this likeable young girl reveals the depth of her resolve to live life on her own terms.