Story of The Ghost - kindle ebook by Charles Mahoney

Story of The Ghost is my debut novel and stems from my time playing football at the University of Arizona. One day, I was called 'The Ghost' by someone I did not know. I had never heard that before and subsequently shrugged it off. Years later, I was struck by the notion of having a name like that put upon me. I wondered what would happen if someone did that to my hero. And what would happen if it wasn't just one person, but an entire town. How would my hero react? What choices would he make if things got out of control?

You can rest assured by the time you reach Part III, the stakes rise tenfold!

16 year old Gavin plays football. And he does it in a very unique way not depicted in a book or on screen before. Ultimately a reporter nicknames him 'The Ghost' for what he is doing.

SOTG combines fate and football along with a coming of age story. It is a story of heroics, fathers and sons and the choices we make. It is a flesh and blood tale that takes place 33 years ago in a small section of South Arizona (Sierra Vista).

Underneath it all there is a message to discover. The story is in three parts. And if you run with Gavin from start to finish, you might just understand the message being conveyed.

Exclusively on Kindle, SOTG is priced at $2.99. The price equates to a dollar for every year it took to write and bring to life.

Why would you bother your hungry eyes with this debut?

If you enjoy the story throughout, there is a reward waiting for you. And if you really feel that reward and “get” what has been written, it could change things.

A few in Hollywood “get” the message and things are heating up on that end. Give SOTG a try. I thank you in advance of any reviews you might have.

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