Talonfall - Kindle ebook by S.G. Night


FREE on Amazon: February 27th - March 3rd

"Jared was a Talon. An assassin. A killer. And so Jared killed...."

It has been 106 years since the Demonic Dominion conquered the nation of Io. 106 years since they enslaved Humanity, banished the Elves into the mountains, and systematically exterminated the Majiski battle-mages. For the Genshwin -- the underground network of Majiski survivors, a brotherhood of assassins, spies, mercenaries, and thieves -- it is an age of fear, secrecy, and clandestine war against Io's conquerors. But for Jared, a Genshwin of the highest order, there seems to be no end in sight. No hope remaining. No recourse left...but to become one with the Demons.

NOW AVAILABLE - Talonfall, the short story prequel to S.G. Night's critically-acclaimed Dark Fantasy BestSeller Attrition: the First Act of Penance. Newcomers to Night's series Three Acts of Penance can catch a glimpse of the world of Io and the characters within before buying a copy of Attrition - and those who've already read the novel will witness the untold story of Jared, the enigmatic Genshwin Talon.

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