The Kaiserine's Vampyre - a supernatural adventure by Derek Paterson

All Manfred wanted was a fast horse out of town.  Injured in battle, homeless, friendless and out of work, Manfred came to High Sazburg in search of a job.  Instead, he found himself in jail, sentenced to death by hanging for killing several Wardens in a back alley duel.  Things can't get much worse than this.  What Manfred doesn't know is he's about to be offered a fate perhaps worse than death by the most feared man in the Empire.

Otto Thenck, head of the Ministry of State Security, nicknamed the Magician, because he has been known to make men and women disappear . . . permanently, comes to visit Manfred.  His offer: fight under an assumed name in the Arena against other warriors for the title of Kaiserine’s Champion.  Should Manfred survive he’ll get a sack of silver and a fast horse.

Of course nothing is ever as straight forward as that with the Magician. Before Manfred knows it he’s involved with a plot that concerns the elite circles of the Empire, perhaps even the Kaiserine herself.  If he’s going to get that horse Manfred will have to match his wits and his sword against the fighters in the Arena, the Wardens and Thenck.  As if that wasn’t enough to keep a man busy, there is the question of the vampyres, once thought to be fairy tale monsters to scare little children.

If there is anything left of Manfred when the sun sets he just might get out of town with his soul intact.

The Kaiserine's Vampyre contains the novellas "The Kaiserine's Champion" and "The Vampyre's Kiss" for one action packed supernatural thriller.

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