THE SHEIK AND THE SLAVE - kindle ebook by Nicola Italia

The Sheik and the Slave was originally written as long chapters on a website dedicated to erotic literature. The website is fueled by reader's appreciation and The Sheik won several romance awards. I am especially proud to have won best romance story for 2004. I began to have a following for The Sheik and my readers would contact me to encourage my writing and to keep in touch.

Eventually I started my own blog to focus on my stories and to have more control over what was placed online.

As the Sheik chapters expanded, more and more of the fans urged me to publish a book. There were times when I did not feel like writing and had no desire to write creatively. However my fans were extremely supportive. The Sheik story first appeared on the website in February 2004 and was published on Amazon almost 10 years to the date the first chapter came online in 2014. To say my fans have been patient is an understatement.

The Sheik is a love story of two people who are from vastly different backgrounds. It shows the great lengths a man will go to find his love when she is taken from him and what a woman may endure when she is separated from her love.  There are several bumps along the way but Mohammed and Katharine are a true romantic and sexy couple.

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