The Pulpit of Power - kindle ebook by Barry Ferguson

Pastor Paul was a poor preacher at a poor church in 2007. He was completely devoted to his Lord and wanted nothing more than to bring his congregants closer to Jesus. While he was an inspiring preacher, he could offer nothing more to his faithful than prayers and Biblical scriptures. Little did he know there was a member of his congregation that would change everything.

Jason Gallagher was a very wealthy member of the church who could see that Pastor Paul had a gift for preaching. The only thing that Paul needed in his mission to help his congregation was money. Jason had plenty of that and thanks to sermons delivered from the pulpit of Pastor Paul, he found himself motivated to join the good Pastor in completing the mission by supplying the necessary money.

Jason and Pastor Paul formed a quick bond and immediately began impacting the lives of the church congregation by paying medical bills, housing expenses, and other living expenses for those in need. The more the church paid, the more the needs grew. The more the needs grew, the more Jason supplied the money. When Pastor Paul began to wonder where all the money came from, he found out from Jason how the world really worked.

Jason made lots of money as an investor. When pressed, he told Pastor Paul of the real evil of money and how that money was actually made. Jason and Paul thought of themselves of using money for the work of Christ. The never considered the consequences or the price they would pay for stealing the devil's cash.

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