The Sheep Walker's Daughter - kindle ebook by Sydney Avey

A bit of history, a bit of mystery, a bit of spice; this is Christian lit with grit about a Korean War widow’s anguish after her difficult mother dies before revealing the identity of Dee’s father. As Dee sorts through what little her mother left, she unearths puzzling clues that raise more questions: Why did Leora send money every month to the Basque Relief Agency? Why is Dee’s own daughter so secretive about her soon-to-be published book? And what does an Anglican priest know that he isn’t telling? The Sheep Walker’s Daughter pairs a colorful immigrant history of loss, survival, and tough choices with one woman’s search for spiritual identity and personal fulfillment.

What readers are saying:

Avey has an artist’s gift for using strong visual language, and a counselor’s gift for describing the conditions of her characters’ hearts.

The Sheep Walker’s Daughter is a great read that can be read for sheer enjoyment, AND it can catapult the reader into examining the choices she has made and the relationships she has nurtured.

It's been awhile since a book has stolen a day away from me, but The Sheep Walker's Daughter did just that.

I adored this story of a post WWII family trying to uncover family secrets in an attempt to find their own identity each without letting the other know. This book takes you on a journey with a family that has been drawn apart over the years when a mother and father decide to go separate ways searching for the great American Dream during the California gold rush. Untimely their decisions have set into motions generations of unsettled souls, lost looking to fill the hole of isolation left inside of them by family secrets. Right when you think you have the story figured out and you know the outcome, the author takes you for a spin and lands you someplace unexpected.

Thank you, dear readers!

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