The Unknown Man - A Fantasy Novel by J.G. Gatewood

The Unknown Man is Book 1 in the Keepers of the Orbs Series

Imagine you wake up one day with no idea who you are, yet you are wearing full plate armor, carrying a large two-handed sword, and wearing a silver medallion around your neck that cannot be removed.  This is the predicament the unknown man finds himself in.  He embarks on a journey to seek an old wizard who lives in the eastern part of the realm, in the hopes of reclaiming his identity, and understanding his purpose.
 His journey is aided by the beautiful daughter-heir of Havenbrook, who serves as his guide. Through their travels their party grows with the addition of a childish young man, a thief who recently lost his family, and an unruly, strong-spoken, funny female dwarf.  They risk everything, including their lives, to help the unknown man.

Unknown to the travelers, a powerful force to the north is putting the pieces together to gather all of the mysterious orbs that the keepers are sworn to protect.  The orbs are the keys to a prison, and with all of the orbs together, an evil force will be released after a two-thousand year imprisonment.  Destruction will rain down on Askabar and the face of Nithor may never be the same. Is the unknown man the one person capable of stopping the evil force?  Only time will tell.
Come along on the journey and join Liniana, Jaeden, Matt and Aglina as they help the unknown man.

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