A Warrior's Path - an epic fantasy kindle ebook by Davis Ashura


For each Caste is a role and a Talent given, and none may seek that to which they were not born.
The Word and the Deed

Enter Arisa: a world on the brink of destruction, where Humanity struggles for survival against armies of mindless Chimeras, the demon Suwraith's hordes of misshapen warriors.

Rukh Shektan, a peerless, young warrior - the finest in generations - from the noble city of Ashoka finds himself lost in the Wildness, the vast lands outside of the narrow city-states where Humanity lies huddled in safety from the crazed might of the Sorrow Bringer, Suwraith. There, he will find a challenge to all he has been taught is good and righteous. The challenge will come in the form of a vexing woman, a member of hidden Caste, and someone Rukh knows to be his enemy, but who may turn out to be his greatest ally. If the two of them cannot overcome a lifetime of dogma and hatred, Humanity itself may pay the price.

Meanwhile, stirring in the storm-wracked sky, the Sorrow Bringer - Humanity's great enemy - has dread intentions for Rukh's home: the city of Ashoka is to be razed and her people slaughtered.

Discover the book Kirkus Reviews describes as "...an attention-sustaining tale...markedly original...first rate world-building."

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