Dragons of China Picture Book - kindle ebook by Christina Huo


My first book is an introduction to Chinese Dragons and their role in Chinese and Asian culture.  The book has captivating images and fascinating facts and details about everything to do with Dragons from their role in folklore and mythology to more recent “sightings”.  Learn all about the magical powers that Dragons hold and their role as a symbol of the Chinese Emperor’s power, the different class structure of Dragon “society” and the 9 sons of the Dragon who each have different powers.  Dragon imagery is found in architecture,  music, art, religion, poetry and famous festivals like Chinese New Year where a traditional Dragon Dance is performed and of course the Dragon Boat Festival which culminates in a fast-paced racing event.
I grew up in China and now live with my husband and daughter in England. What began as a creative way of introducing my daughter to Chinese culture has now become a series of picture books to introduce other children to the many wonders of China.