Anastasia's Suffering (Reborn Series) - kindle ebook by AnnMarie Stone

The Reborn Series is an eight book series. The first book in the series is titled Anastasia’s Suffering. Book one begins with the introduction of Anastasia Duke. Anastasia is a remarkable young woman who desperately wants to establish her independence after graduating from college by starting a new life without her parents to hold her back any longer. Starting at the beginning of High School, Anastasia started to understand what it was that made her so different from everyone else. Accompanied by her best friend, a kindred spirit who has been right by her side in all of her lives, Anastasia will learn that the world she thought she knew is not the simple world she had always believed it to be. Along her journey, Anastasia will learn why she has always felt alone in this world, despite the loved ones that are with her.

Will Anastasia get the chance she has been waiting for and finally live her life the way she wants, without her parents around to mess it up? Will she find out who the mysterious stranger in her dreams really is and why she can never see his face? Will she discover the truth when presented to her? Will her gifts help her see the truth, or will they cripple her by letting her believe that she already has the answers? Wherever good thrives, one can be certain that evil is lurking just around the corner, attempting to create as much chaos as possible.

Will Anastasia discover the evil that is attempting to bring her down before it’s too late? Will she recognize the true evil for what it is when she comes face to face with it? Or will she fail as others have before her?

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