Baby, I'm Yours - a kindle ebook by Samantha Chase

Nicole Taylor was looking forward to a night with friends who were planning their future, what she found when she opened the door was a man from her past.  The only problem, their names aren’t the same.  Was she meeting her mystery man’s twin or had he lied to her that steamy night three years before?

Josh Masterson never thought he'd see Nicole again - not that he didn't want to, just that he had messed things up so badly three years ago when he’d given her a fake name that he didn’t think it was possible to find her.  Fate may have lent a hand but he knows that he has a lot of explaining to do.

Dinner finds them discussing more than their friend’s wedding plans when Josh realizes that Nicole’s daughter is actually his.  He's stunned to find out that he has a daughter and vows that he is going to do everything in his power to not only stay in the toddler's life, but her mother's as well.

How can Nicole possibly consider trusting a man who she only knew for one night and had lied about his identity?  And how can she possibly consider letting him walk away from her a second time?