Bonsai for Beginners - kindle eBook by Nikki Victoria

Bonsai is a no-no, you thought?  Your neighbors tried to grow one last year and then threw it over the back fence a few weeks ago for you to repurpose if you were interested?   Which you were,of course,  so you have been searching for the right information to help you get started.
Those neighbors obviously never  had a guide book like this one to help them through the supposedly mind-boggling details of beginning bonsai - but you do, if you buy this handy little guide.  No nonsense, no extra pretty or expensive equipment required.  Just good plain information and the comforting knowledge that it is not as difficult as people would have you believe.
By this time, you may have decided that you want to start a bonsai from fresh, as well as try your hand at rejuvenating the neighbors' hand-me-down.  This downloadable  bonsai guide shows you what you need, what tools you need, how to prune, fertilize, sing to your plant (no not that one, sorry!), winterize, water and much, much more to get that bonsai to a gorgeous state that you will be proud to say, "I grew that, with a little help from Nikki Victoria's Bonsai for Beginners eBook".