The Gods of Garran, Kindle ebook by Meredith Skye


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Long ago the spirit of the planet of Garran bonded with seven of the tribesmen creating spiritual leaders called the Borrai who communed with the earth and wielded their power to maintain the peace between the tribes. Then, the invaders came from the sky.

The invaders killed the Borrai and took over the planet. The Garrans natives were forced to give up their ways. One hundred years later, the Garrans, angry at injustices, are stirred up to revolt.

The tribesmen seek out the godstones of old, in the hopes of creating a new Borrai, one that can speak for the world of Garran and fight back against these invaders.

Moorhen, the son of a tribal chieftain, is in danger of being banished from the tribe for speaking out against his father's plans for war. Moorhen falls in with a group who is searching for the godstones. There, he meets a mysterious native girl, named Etsel, who is god-touched. The others believe that she can lead them to the godstone. If so, perhaps the coming war can be averted.

But there is more to Etsel than the others realize. Is she truly loyal to their cause? More is at stake here than Moorhen's own heart.

And whoever bonds with the godstone will be in danger of losing their own identity.

"It's got adventure, divided loyalties, hard decisions, a (tiny) bit of romance. A clash of primitive and advanced cultures, and some mysticism mixed in!" Donovan Goertz

"It is a hard book to put down and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I recommend it for any fan of sci-fi or fantasy who enjoys an unusual and original tale!"  —Blaine Coleman

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