Crushed - Kindle ebook by Willow Monroe

Harper fought hard for her little brother, but now he's gone and she's trying to claw her way back to normal. She needs a hero.

Jest is no hero, but there's something about Harper that is making him sit up and take notice. Can he let go of his own past long enough to help her escape hers?

From the author:

I loved writing about Harper and Jest. Before I started writing her story, Harper was quite the little smart-a** and angry at the world. Then, as I kept exploring her character, I realized that she was drowning in pain (that’s a theme in this story, BTW) and just needed someone to love her back to wholeness.

Enter Jest – the cocky, sexy new guy in town. He was supposed to be an infuriating jerk, but as I let him take the lead I discovered that he had a painful past of his own and he really, really wants to get past that and be Harper’s hero.