The Case of the Pig in the Evening Suit - kindle ebook by RR Gall

In 2004, a dead pig was pulled out of a storm drain in Sydney, Australia. It was wearing an evening suit. Unsurprisingly, its picture made the front page of the local newspaper. That was the start.

Two years later another clothed pig is found wedged a storm drain in the sleepy Scottish town of Dumfries, Jin Johnstone cannot hold his curiosity at bay. He decides to investigate. It is a bad decision: it puts his life in danger.

Jin is not really a detective: it’s just that people of the town come to him with their problems. Sometimes he charges for his services. It depends.

Already undertaking the task of finding a missing son, Jin’s search through the town, with its many colourful characters, brings him into contact with a beautiful and mysterious woman; a woman who fires up unprecedented and unwelcome desires in him.
Then another body is found.

Told in the first person, The Case of the Pig in the Evening Suit is a high-paced, multi-layered, quirky, and, at times, humorous murder/mystery, dripping with a distinct sense of place. Its many twists and turns evolving quickly into a thrillingly tense and topical story.
It is the first part of the Dumfries Detective trilogy.