Experimenting With Murder - by Charm Baker


Experimenting with Murder has four teenage sleuths that might almost seem familiar to readers.  You may think that Ashley, Zak, Jake and Ty come off like Nancy Drew meets the Hardy Boys plus one; but don’t be fooled.  On billionaire Tyler Payne’s island, NOTHING is ever what it seems.  These four island brats have grown up together in a world of their own, excluded from their busy parents’ lives.  They have all played just about every kind of survival game imaginable.   If there’s one thing they know how to do, it’s survive in the jungle, but unlike in the past, this time it’s no game!

Events start to unfold when Jake’s twin brother Zak, accidentally stumbles onto a secluded beach in the Forbidden Area.  What he witnesses is only the beginning.  Ashley finds her father’s dead body in the jungle, while Zak and Jake’s dad is taken at gunpoint.  As for Ty’s father, the ruthless Tyler Payne?  He’s actually the monster responsible for it all!

Tyler’s obsession with the creatures that they found on the island has driven him to the brink of madness.  He will stop at nothing to protect his research, including murder.  Readers brace your selves; pack your things and get ready to spend the day on Mermaid Island, where dark secrets lurk in every corner.

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