Premony Twins: The Power of S - a Middle Grade Magic kindle book by Lori F. Butcher

The book will be free 03/14/2014 - 03/16/2014

Twelve-year old twins, Corey and Ally Taylor, are members of a secret society called The Premony.  They possess a random ability to see premonitions of the future up to a minute before the event.

A vision occurs in Mr. Marty's science class, and Corey reacts in a way that causes a chemical metamorphosis.  The twins gain scientific powers.  Corey is excited - Ally - not so much.  She just wants to be "normal".

Did Mr. Marty try to harm Corey and Ally in science class?  Or was it his girlfriend, Maxie Frost?  The answers leads to an exciting battle of Science powers.  

Premony Twins:  The Power of S has likable characters, fun comedy, cool scientific powers, and a villain, or two.