Harvest Sky - kindle ebook by Hunter McEgan

Eleven-year-old Tiernan would have spent most of his time wondering what the outside world was like if he didn’t spend that time just trying to survive.  He and his mother, Glenna, just happen to live in one of the most dangerous places of the island of Prywonder.  One day, Tiernan finds his daily routine interrupted by the unexpected arrival of his friend Zandra.

Zandra was never known to be one to do anything the traditional way, but this never stopped her from getting the job done.  She was also never one to make excuses whenever she would be forced to improvise (as she put it).  She was happy just as long as the goal was met and there wasn’t any damage (unless, of course, said damage had been one of the goals to begin with).
After Glenna is forced to leave to answer a plea for help, Zandra is left to watch over Tiernan.  It isn’t long before plans fall apart and Tiernan finds himself joining Zandra on a mission that will lead them across Prywonder.  Nothing seems to go according to plan (something Zandra is unfortunately quite used to), and Tiernan begins to wonder if anyone ever truly knew what the mission involved.  Tiernan struggles to discover what the truth is while hoping that the knowledge won’t get anyone killed.

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