Jan's Families by Barb McIntyre

This book is about how a woman puts her life back together after the death of her husband, and the loss of her beauty salon. The main theme is about new life and change. It is a book about relationships; families and friends. Jan's relationship with her sister is not a good one, but her relationships with friends help her through bad times. The fact that family has more than one definition led to the title of the book. The cover idea came because the book begins with Jan looking at the lights of the city out of a plane window and thinking that the lights looked like the ashes of the fires her father would set to burn household trash when she was a child.

From the Official Review on the OnlineBookClub by Saoirse200 » 25 May 2013
"I found the character development in this story to be very realistic, the author Barb McIntyre made sure not to forget about the other characters personal development as well as Jan's. I loved Jan's families and I would highly recommend it to women."

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