Last of the Firstborn - a kindle e-book by Glen M Glenn

The Wallingford Files: Last of the Firstborn is the first book in the next great science fiction epic series. It’s a suspense-filled, thrilling roller-coaster ride of emotions through romance, mystery, and inter-dimensional intrigue. One great man. One even greater woman. Both on a race to save humanity.

Here is the lowdown:

William Colton is running out of time. Sorion invaders have created the next people who will inhabit Earth as an outpost: a race born in the laboratory, a race part Sorion, and part Homo sapiens—a race of Meldings. William has one chance to save his planet. Underground lies the great computer of the past. He must find it before the Meldings find and destroy him.

Helping William with his search is a group of scientists who have been living underground since the invasion. But it’s Sondra Michaels, who he finds below the surface that will change his destiny.

Earth lies on the rim of the Sorion Kingdom in the Etmore sector of space. Until now, the small blue planet has been of little significance. But now that a war has broken out between father and son, king and prince, it now has come to the forefront of Sorion politics and culture, for it holds the future of the kingdom. A syntra is placed on each colony. One of them will give birth to the next Sorion King. According to the Datire, the Sorion holy book, the next Sorion ruler will come from the colony farthest from the home planet. That colony is Earth. But a great danger also lurks on the outpost. A destroyer to the throne will appear. An anti-Solan. A son of Kantari. The king fears William Colton is that anti-Solan. But the people of Earth are convinced William Colton is their Messiah. Only he can lead them to salvation.

Get on board with the first book and get hooked! The Wallingford Files: Last of the Firstborn is a super quick read that will leave you begging for more.

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